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Manor Works, Sheffield

This was our very first completed community project and it’s still one of our favourites.  It was our second Sheffield scheme with Architecture00 and, as always, the design process was collaborative and fun.

The new building features rentable office space, artist’s studio spaces, workshops and a community centre on the ground floor.  The building is clad in metal mesh for which we designed a matrix of climbing plants.  This sustainable and evolving green facade gives the building a dynamic seasonality.

The landscape to the north of the building is associated with the workshops and has a functional, ‘back of house’ feel.  The soft landscape elements, which include meadow banks and native hedgerows, help to bring nature into the site.

The landscape on the public south side is associated with the new community centre and the adjacent children’s nursery.  For this area we took inspiration from the surrounding Pennines to create a tough and robust interactive landscape.  Meadow banks flow down to a public footpath that opens out into a boulder garden with a central daisy mound.  Outside the community centre are two large climbing boulders or erratics.


Manor Development Company Ltd


Completed in 2014




RIBA North East, RIBA National

Mdc 1200X666 Working Rev A 3 The mesh needed both to protect the building and to be suitable for climbing plants. We achieved the right balance of plants through extensive trials at home on my allotment.
Mdc 1200X666 Working Rev A 1 The landscape needed to tie into the existing area, to be robust and also to offer moments of joy and excitement.
Mdc 1200X666 Working Rev A 4 The landscape was inspired by the geological journey of a glacier: the meadow banks have been carved out of the landscape, the boulder garden is the terminal moraine and the climbing boulders are the erratics.
Mdc 1200X666 Working Rev A 2 The scheme was developed, together with Architecture00, through a series of sketches which were then presented to the client.