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Reviving an old garden, Wellow

In a picturesque village, south of Bath, we are upgrading 1.5 acres of mature gardens that surround a beautiful 18th century farmhouse.

We started working on this garden in 2016 and like a number of our private gardens it is a phased implementation.

The design includes a new potager garden with an orangery and bespoke oak-framed fruit cages, which was completed in winter 2016.  A new pond at the bottom of the garden was completed in Spring 2017.  The new terraces and flower gardens surrounding the house and the woodland garden, which incorporates many existing specimen trees, will hopefully be completed in the next few years.  

The design exploits the extensive southerly views over an idyllic river valley.


Private Client


Phased implementation since 2016

Chu 1200X666 Working 2 We put together landscape strategies for all of our garden projects, to illustrate our design thinking and to make sure that the whole garden works as one.
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Chu 1200X666 Working 5 The pond area was completed in spring 2016
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Chu 1200X666 Working 7 The potager was completed in spring 2017
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Chu 1200X666 Working 9 We worked with Matt Kenyon on the construction of the green oak fruit cages.